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The Real Estate Radio Network is a nationwide alliance of real estate related professionals with a common objective: delivering the timely truth about local real estate markets over local radio stations. It it not only a unique way for honest professionals to deliver the Truth about a local marketplace to its residents, but also a strongly connected group of persevering individuals.

These individuals, our Hosts, believe in something greater than just a transaction with the Consumer. RERN's hosts share a common vision of creating a forum for EVERYONE to receive priceless information absolutely free on local radio stations. We help local business owners who provide their knowledge to the public in such a way that it is not only cost-effective, but also incredibly personal and private at the same time.

In listening to our Programs, there is a common theme evident and genuine. There is no sales pitch here. It's all about helping YOU make informed decisions and we won't stop until every market in the country has a portal to deliver the TRUTH about the local marketplace.

"Ron and his team know what they are doing and make me feel comfortable." - Eugene Fera


Who is the Real Estate Radio Network?

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    Our Services

    Station Support

    Our team finds the right home for your show and assists in getting it paid for by expert contributors.

    Station Negotiation

    Weekly Tips

    Contributor On-Boarding


    Our Media Team Will Work With You

    Our media team is dedicated to covering all aspects of media and design for the success of your radio show.

    Logo and Web Design

    Show Video Materials

    Marketing Materials

    Coaching and Support

    Weekly Coaching and Support with CEO and President Ron Quintero.

    Webinar: Launching your first show

    Webinar: Support and current events

    One on one coaching

    What our clients say

    Its not just about radio, it’s other ways you can grow your business. It makes you think outside the box.

    Todd Jones

    Todd Jones - Real Estate Business Professional

    Ron is showing me how to bring value to my clients, the general public, and to my partners.

    Barry Burnett

    Barry Burnett - Real Estate Business Professional

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